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The Community Clinic of Shelbyville and Bedford County, Inc. is fortunate to be served by an excellent administrative and medical staff. All of our physcians donate their time. Our medical director, Dr. Clement Aluyi comes to the Clinic on the third Monday.  Other physicians are: Dr. Navid Monajjem, Dr. Cristina Parawan, and Dr. Michael Talbot.

Our medical professionals see patients every 15 minutes starting either during the day or at night.  Because of our flexible schedule, patients will be able to receive medical care either during the day or night.

 Ms. Fredia Flack Lusk, Executive Director

Mrs. Janice Brandon, Clinic Nurse

  Ms. Jessica Rippy, Receptionist

Jessica RippyJan 2013 - April 2014
Tennessee College of Applied Technology- Shelbyville
(Medical Administrative Assistant with Insurance and coding
as and Emphasis)

Certified with American Medical Certification Association

EHRC (Electronic Health Records Certification)
MAAC (Medical Administrative Assistant Certification)
BCSC(Billing Coding Specialist Certification)


Dr. Michael Talbot and Elizabeth Nwokeabia, NP

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