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The Community Clinic of Shelbyville & Bedford County, Inc. is a non-profit health care organization seeking to meet the needs of the working, uninsured, low- income adults of Bedford County, Tennessee.

Since 2003, the Community Clinic has provided quality preventive healthcare which is essential to saving lives, reducing disability, and lowering costs for medical care.

      Free Caring and Compassionate Service



In 2014, we were able to give 1,658 Bedford County patient visits in medical treatment. Lab tests and basic X-rays were preformed at reduced rates by the Heritage Medical Center, Shelbyville, Tennessee. Our clients receive prescriptions from the $4 list at our local pharmacies. 

How to Obtain Services:

Applicants must call for an appointment. Bring identification, any medical records you may have, and proof of income (paycheck, paystubs, W-2 form, or last 1040 tax return form).

Support Staff

  • Executive Director
  • Spanish Translator
  • Receptionist
  • Student Nurses
  • Grant Writer

Our Partners

  • AmeriCares
  • Bedford County Government
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Tennessee
  • City of Shelbyville
  • City of Shelbyville Parks & Recreation
  • CVS Health
  • Direct RX
  • Heritage Medical Center
  • Needy Meds
  • State of Tennessee Safety Net
  • United Way of Bedford County


What We Provide

  • Free preventive care
  • Free routine check-ups
  • Free lifestyle consultations
  • Free limited medications
  • Free medical examinations
  • Free/reduced treatment & maintenance of medical problems including, but not limited to, high blood pressure, diabetes, COPD, obesity, and smoking cessation.
  • Discount City of Shelbyville Parks & Recreation programs 25ยข for exercise and/or water activities.


Who We Serve

  • You must be 18 years of age and furnish a photo ID on your first visit.
  • A Bedford County adult resident with at least one household member (self-employed or employed). Proof of employment must be provided.
  • Adults without medical insurance.
  • Adults living at or below 200% of the Federal poverty guidelines. (Check below for current guidelines.)


 2015/2016 Eligibility

         Persons in                      
1 $23,340
2 $31,460
3 $39,580
4 $47,700
5 $55,820
6 $63,940
7 $71,060
8 $80,180

Each additional household member $8,120. (NOTE: These numbers are subject to change annually.)

LOCATION: 200 Dover Street, Bedford Business Complex, Suite 203
Clinic Map


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